College vs High School

I absolutely am IN LOVE with college. Here are some things I’ve experienced in the first 2 weeks of college that are different than in high school.

  1. Chewing gum in class
  2. Highlighting and writing in textbooks
  3. Going to the bathroom without asking
  4. Leaving if the teacher doesn’t show up after a certain amount of time
  5. Leaving the class 20 minutes early because the teacher has nothing else to teach or it’s too hot in the classroom
  6. Napping between classes in your own bed
  7. All you can eat cafeteria food
  8. Not needing parental consent on school documents
  9. Blatantly using your phone in class
  10. Answering questions without raising your hand
  11. No dress code whatsoever (PJs, booty shorts, crop tops, etc)
  12. No bell to tell you when you are late vs. on time.
  13. Homework is all online and teachers don’t announce when things are due or if you even have homework at all.
  14. Sometimes reading the material is more important than listening to the in class lecture.

I’m sure I will experience more awesome things soon, and I am excited to see what is to come and give more updates to how PLNU is treating me!


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